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GALAXY DUST | Zodiac Cosmetics
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Pre-Order shipments begin July 5th.

Tucana - Switches from yellow, orange, and red. 
Andromeda - Switches from blue to green. 
Ursa - Switches from green, purple, and pink. 
Hydra - Switches from blue, purple, and pink. 
This pigment is “out of this world” GALACTIC! 
Zodiac Cosmetics “Galaxy Dust” multi-chromatic pigments change colors with movement. Go from one color to the next when you switch angles. You only need a small amount of product for these HD pigments to EXPLODE. Coat skin with primer before you apply and use a flat brush to pat product on to the skin. To intensify colors try wetting your brush with setting spray or mixing medium. 
Product has tested safe for use on skin. 
Packaged in a 5g jar with 1g product inside. 
Picture and videos taken with low lighting and screenshots of video to capture different angles.


  • Mica, Iron oxide, Magnesium Sericite ,Silicon Dioxide